Mark Catesby
The Hawksbill Turtle   19" x 24" lithograph

Michael Reibel
Pink Sunrise Kiawah   6" x 8" oil on panel

Mark Catesby
The Attamusco Lily and Vespa   19" x 24" lithograph

Rick McClure
A Special Place   18" x 24" oil on canvas

Michael Reibel
A Time For a Drink... 1792   12" x 12" oil on linen

Russell Jewell
Kiawah Solitude   22" x 10" watercolor

Mark Catesby
Philadelphus, Smilax and the Four Ey'd Night Butterfly   19" x 24" lithograph

Wendy Whitson
Mingo Point   12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

Michael Reibel
King and Wentworth   30" x 30" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
The Lane Snapper   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
Pigeon Plum   19" x 24" lithograph

Earl B. Lewis
Generations   12" x 9" mixed media

Junko Ono Rothwell
Paris '04   7" x 9.5" watercolor

Mary Anne Mitchell
The Ride Home    photograph

Karen Larson Turner
In His Element   14" x 18" oil on linen

Mark Catesby
The Rudder Fish   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Baltimore Bird and the Tulip Tree   19" x 24" lithograph

Mark Catesby
The Sassafras   19" x 24" lithograph

Russell Gordon
Nesting Dove   12" x 9" oil on linen

Tina Mayland
Charleston Skyline   4" x 12" oil on canvas