Mark Catesby
The Red Wing'd Starling   19" x 24" lithograph

Rick McClure
One, Two, Three   20" x 24" oil on canvas

Earl B. Lewis
Out on a Limb   11" x 20" watercolor

Mark Catesby
The Negro Fish and the Black Tail   19" x 24" lithograph

Wendy Whitson
Across the Bay   12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

John Michiels
Drayton Hall #20 9/40    photograph

Mark Catesby
The Yellow Lady's Slipper   19" x 24" lithograph

Sally Tharp
Neat   14" x 11" oil on panel

Michael Reibel
On the Hunt at Kiawah   18" x 24" oil on linen

Karen Larson Turner
Tumbling to Shore   36" x 48" oil on linen

Earl B. Lewis
Generations   12" x 9" mixed media

Glenn Harrington
Kiawah Night Heron   10" x 8" oil on panel

Earl B. Lewis
What To Do   12" x 18" watercolor

The Vault of Wells Gallery
Nude III, Ralph Petty   11" x 8" watercolor

Shows Events
E.B. Lewis 2018    watercolor

Mark Catesby
Michaux Lily   19" x 24" lithograph

Junko Ono Rothwell
Shrimp Boats, II   30" x 30" oil on canvas

Mark Catesby
The Loggerhead Turtle   19" x 24" lithograph

Junko Ono Rothwell
Summer Sunset on Coastal Marsh   30" x 40" oil on canvas

Spruill Hayes
Two if by Sea   12" x 16" oil on board