How I see things is my truth. The information I take from life, I translate into my terms on a flat canvas.

I am very much taken with landscapes. My goal is to convey the essence of a landscape, while eliminating much of its detail; similar to that first impression, or the large shapes you see when your eyes are half open. I am interested in structure, gesture, color, and sequence of color. Of interest is the development of a composition, or, how the canvas is divided. Where does the viewer enter, and explore?


There is a certain amount of structure in and behind my paintings, which is built up in layers. This grid-like structure symbolizes to me, the organization we find in nature; everything is connected. The framework is incorporated into the painting, and eventually revealed as part of the landscape; as trees, stems of flowers or reflections. The outermost part of the painting is heavy with gestural brushwork. The combination of random grid and broad brushstrokes creates an interesting blend of masculine and feminine characteristics.


Influences for my work are primarily from Impressionism, the Tonalist movement and Abstract Expressionism, including the work of Claude Monet, George Inness and Joan Mitchell, and the art of

Viennese painter Gustav Klimt.


Wendy is a graduate of East Carolina University, with a degree in Fine Art. She worked in the fields of graphic design and photography for many years, before coming full circle to painting.