Junko Ono Rothwell received her art degree from Okayama University in Japan, and soon after came to the United States and attended art classes at Cornell University.  Rothwell’s cultural heritage can be seen in her use of space and shape " which echoes Eastern art, yet her color palette is strongly influenced by her American art experience.  She uses bold bright colors in contrast to the more delicate tones often associated with Asian art.  “When I was an art student in Japan, I used darker colors.  But after I moved to the U.S., I often went to museums where I learned to use brighter colors.”  Rothwell uses color to bring out the mood, movement, and energy of her works.  “I do not block each color, but try to flow colors over the entire paper to create the feeling of movement.  Color brings each painting to life.”  The pieces Rothwell created for the Wells Gallery are brought to life by this color interplay.  These works include images of Charleston as well as Kiawah marsh landscapes.  Rothwell is a master at capturing changing color and light as she paints en plein air.  “I am always impressed at how the sun lights up the marsh and changes its colors and moods at different times of day and during different seasons of the year.  Weather patterns also dramatically change the look of a marsh.  In summer, I always love to paint big white clouds floating over the distant marsh.  And in November, the marsh glows with a lovely yellow-orange cast.”  It is for a marsh scene that Rothwell is best known on Kiawah: a large colorful marsh owned by the Sanctuary Resort brightens their east wing and draws in locals and visitors alike. 


The Sanctuary is not the only fortunate holder of Rothwell’s work.  Her works have been purchased by the State of Georgia and many corporations including the Southern Company, Continental Telephone, Kaiser Permanente, Prime Bank, Nations Bank, George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., and the Northwest Memorial Hospital in Chicago.


Rothwell’s work has appeared in Best of Pastel (Rockport Publishers, 1996), Portrait Inspirations (Rockport Publishers, 1997), Best of Flower Painting 2 (North Light Books, 1999), The Best of Sketching and Drawing (Quarry Books, 1999) and Pure Color (Northlight Books, 2006).  She was one of four artists featured in the “Unforgettable Landscapes: Different Approaches to Light and Texture” article in The Pastel Journal (May/June, 2000).  Rothwell also illustrated a children’s book in Japanese: M. McLaughlin, Minna no koe ga kikoeru (Bungeisha, 2002).

Roseate Spoonbills
Junko Ono Rothwell, Moorhens at The Ocean Course Pond
Osprey Nest at Kiawah
Padova, Italy
Paris '04
Storm Coming, Todi
Trees at the Ocean Course
Ocean Course Hole 7
SoldCoastal Birds in Low Tide Marsh
SoldDunes in Summer
SoldSunrise Reflection
SoldTide Coming In
SoldEarly Evening Moonlight
SoldEndless Sunset
SoldMorning Arrival
SoldFirst Flight of the Day
SoldLate Afternoon Colors
SoldSummer Island Lane, Kiawah
SoldTern of Events
SoldAutumn Afternoon Marsh, Plein Air
SoldEarly Morning Sand Dune, Plein Air
SoldMarsh in September, Plein Air
SoldShem Creek Marsh, Plein Air
SoldEarly Evening Moon
SoldHigh Tide at Marsh Island Park
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Roseate Spoonbills at Kiawah River
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Morning Meeting
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Marshland Sunset in Summer
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Summer Clouds Over Dunes
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Coastal Marsh with Birds
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Low Tide Marsh with Egrets
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Mother and Children on Beach
SoldBirds in Morning Flight
SoldSunset With Contrails
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Pond At Ocean Course Hole 2
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Sunset Clouds Over The Clubhouse
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Triple Bogey
SoldHigh Tide at the Marsh Island Park
SoldRoosting Together
SoldOctober Clouds
SoldSunset Shine
SoldAutumn Marsh at High Tide
SoldMorning Walk to the Beach
SoldOctober Marsh with Wildflowers
SoldSummer Sunset
SoldFlying Together
SoldSpanish Moss Hanging Over The Marsh
SoldEarly Birds on the Beach
SoldSunrise and Sea Oats, II
SoldSunrise Cloud Reflection
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Full Moon Rising
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Making Sandcastles
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Snowy Egrets in Morning Light
SoldCoastal Marsh Sunset, VII
SoldMorning Clouds and Sea Oats
SoldSunset Clouds Dancing
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, High Tide Marsh
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Picnic on the Beach
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Sunrise Through Sea Oats
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Birds on the Beach
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Blue Shovel
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Spring Clouds Over Salt Marsh
SoldClubhouse from the Beach, II
SoldTwo Birds on the Beach
SoldEarly Evening Charleston Rooftops
SoldMarshland Moon
SoldMorning Kayaking
SoldMorning Marsh with Birds, I
SoldMorning Marsh with Birds, II
SoldPath to the Beach
SoldThe Sanctuary at Night
SoldAfternoon Light at the Ocean Course
SoldCoastal Marsh Sunset
SoldOcean Course Brunch
SoldPears and Bottles
SoldMorning Gathering at Marsh Island Park
SoldSummer Sunset on Coastal Marsh
SoldEarly Evening in Charleston
SoldMorning LIght in Charleston
SoldClouds Over Ocean Course
SoldCharleston Nocturne
SoldKiawah Marsh, from Marsh Island Drive
SoldOcean Course Clubhouse