Spruill Hayes is an oil painter based in Charleston, SC. She grew up in Wilmington, NC which influenced her love for everything coastal. As a young girl, she was always drawn to art and loved to draw and create.


After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Spruill moved to New York to work in advertising. After years in the corporate world, she was eager to return to the Carolinas. In 2008, she made her home in Charleston, SC, a city she enjoyed frequently visiting growing up. She continued to work in marketing, while pursuing her passion for art. In 2015, she decided to fulfill her dream of being a professional artist and began to practice her art full-time.  


Spruill is drawn to oils because of their rich, buttery texture and their ability to achieve a high level of detail. The realistic paintings she creates capture unique perspectives to preserve gorgeous moments in time. Spruill is inspired by the Lowcountry’s vibrant colors and abundance of coastal imagery. She strives to evoke optimism and joy in each of her pieces.


Spruill lives in downtown Charleston with her husband, two children and dog. When she is not painting, you can find her at the beach, on the boat or spending time with family and friends.


Rollin' Solo
Hooked On A Feeling
On The Bright Side
Touch of Blue
Couple's Retreat
What A Cluster
All for One
One For All
Fish Tale
Garden Fresh
SoldOne Of A Kind, I
SoldOne Of A Kind, II
SoldOne Of A Kind, III
SoldTechnicolor Oyster
SoldLooking Like A Million Dollars
SoldPurple Pansy
SoldLife's a Ball, I
SoldLife's A Ball, II
SoldTee Time
SoldGolden Girl
SoldThe Buoys of Summer
SoldSummertime Blues
SoldSpruill Hayes, Salty Vibes I
SoldSpruill Hayes, Salty Vibes II
SoldSpruill Hayes, Salty Vibes III
SoldSpruill Hayes, Salty Vibes IV
SoldSpruill Hayes, Marsh Reflection
SoldSpruill Hayes, Summer Stroll Find - Banded Tulip
SoldSpruill Hayes, Summer Stroll Find - Scallop
SoldSpruill Hayes, Summer Stroll Find - Sea Biscuit
SoldSpruill Hayes, The Coast Is Clear
SoldBuoys Will Be Buoys
SoldShark Tooth Study
SoldSpruill Hayes, Tee'd Off
SoldSpruill Hayes, This One's For Par
SoldSpruill Hayes, This One's For Birdie
SoldSpruill Hayes, This One's For Eagle
SoldSpruill Hayes, Hole in One
SoldSpruill Hayes, Fore the Win
SoldColor Me Happy
SoldLighten Up
SoldCircle of Friends
SoldPink Lady
SoldRollin' Solo
SoldWe Are Gathered Here Today
SoldMessage in a Bottle
SoldSingle And Ready To Mingle
SoldTall, Dark, And Handsome
SoldJust For The Shell Of It
SoldMatch Made In Heaven
SoldPutting It Out There
SoldAlmost There
SoldHalf Shell, I
SoldHalf Shell, II
SoldHalf Shell, III
SoldHalf Shell, IV
SoldHalf Shell, V
SoldHalf Shell, VI
SoldHalf Shell, VII
SoldDouble Trouble
SoldThe Bright Side
SoldReaching for the Stars
SoldOld School
SoldBeach Stroll Find - Clam Shell
SoldBeach Stroll Find - Auger
SoldBeach Stroll Find - Baby's Ear
SoldWisteria Study
SoldSand Dollar Color Study
SoldBack To School
SoldSpruill Hayes, Cool and Calm I & II
SoldBlue Blossom
SoldPinky Promise
SoldViolet Hour
SoldOffshore Account
SoldComing Out Of Your Shell
SoldAt First Blush
SoldSpruill Hayes, Beach Stroll Find IV
SoldSpruill Hayes, Three Day Weekend I
SoldSpruill Hayes, Three Day Weekend II
SoldSpruill Hayes, Three Day Weekend III
SoldBushel and a Peck
SoldHappy Together
SoldSpruill Hayes, Easter Basket
SoldSpruill Hayes, Star Gazing
SoldFull Bloom
SoldPretty in Pink
SoldTrue Blue
SoldLocal Treasure
SoldIt Takes Two
SoldLocal Flavor
SoldShrimp Cocktail Party, I
SoldShrimp Bowl
SoldSea Glass, I
SoldLowcountry Bouquet