Russell Jewell



Russell Jewell is a nationally recognized plein air painter, published in multiple books and magazines such as: North Light’s Splash Series, The Best in Watercolor, Sketchbook Confidential II, and The Artist Magazine. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and The Transparent Watercolor Society of America. Some of Russell Jewell’s educational recognitions include: Doctorate in Art Education from the University of Georgia, Fulbright Memorial Scholar to Japan, and a United States Patent for his Jewell-Box Viewfinder. Jewell’s work has been purchased through four separate museum purchase awards. In 2013 Jewell was awarded the $5000.00 Grand Prize with Easels in Frederick Plein Air competition. In 2014 he won the $2500.00 Grand Prize for Plein Air Piedmont, and in 2015 he won People’s Choice and Best Quick Draw for Paint Annapolis Plein Air. In 2016 Jewell won the $1000.00 John Singer Sargent Award with the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.  In 2017 Jewell won the Tilghman Island Artist’s Choice Award with Plein Air Easton.


2018  Invited Artist for Atlanta’s Olmsted Plein Air Invitational, 30 Artists $30,000 purse.

2017 Artists Choice Award, $1000 Tilghman Island Paint Out:  Plein Air Easton, Md.

2016 First Place $500 Mountain Maryland Plein Air Quick Draw

2016 John Singer Sargent Award $1000 Transparent Watercolor Society

2015 First Place $1000 Paint Annapolis Plein Air First Place Quick Draw

2015 Exhibited American Watercolor Society New York

2014 Best of Show and Artist’s Choice Award $3,500 Piedmont Plein Air Highpoint NC

2013 Best of Show and Collector’s Choice Award $6000 Easels in Fredericks Plein Air, Md


Signature Membership: National Watercolor, Transparent Watercolor Society

Doctorate of Art Education, University of Georgia

U.S. Patent: Jewell Box Plein Air Viewfinder



Russell Jewell uses an innovative varnish to finish his watercolor paintings.  This Gloss Archival MSA Varnish by ‘Golden’ shields the painting from UV light and protects against light-related fading, as well as protecting it from dirt and water.  The varnish is applied in six layers and has been tested within a Lightfast 1 category when exposed to the equivalent of about 99 years of museum lighting.  Using this varnish allows the watercolor artist to widen the display choices beyond traditional framing behind glass.

Caddie Corner, River Course
Falcon's Lair
Mingo Trio
What Rough?
1960 Trimph TR3A
1966 Ford Mustang Convertable
1971 Lancia Fulvia Sport
Russell Jewell, Never a Bored Walk
Kiawah's Other Wildlife, Study
Nature Contemplating Art, Brookgreen Gardens
Sun Up, Eagle Point Landing Kiawah
He Arrived on a White Horse
SoldSix O'Clock Bells
SoldKiawah Currents
SoldSanctuary Shadows
SoldKiawah's Humbling Hour
Sold#17, Cougar Point
Sold#6 Green, Cougar Point from the Fort
Sold1955 Ford Crown Victoria
Sold1963 Mercedes Benz 190SL
SoldRussell Jewell, Kiawah Wetland - The Beach Club
SoldRussell Jewell, River Revelry
SoldRussell Jewell, Tippy-Toe
SoldRussell Jewell, Touchdown
SoldRussell Jewell, Kiawah's Other Wildlife
SoldFirst Light
SoldFirst Light, Study
SoldNever a Bored Walk, Study
SoldTropical Delight
SoldBeyond Boardwalks
SoldRussell Jewell, Early Birds
SoldRussell Jewell, Showstopper
SoldRussell Jewell, Swinging Inside Out (The Ocean Course)
SoldEarth Angels, SpaceX - A Documentary Painting
SoldRussell Jewell, A View To Dye Fore!
SoldRussell Jewell, Ocean Course Chairing Section
SoldRussell Jewell, Shades of Time Well Spent
Sold#15, Cougar Point
SoldLife's A Stage
SoldPrior to Footprints
SoldUp and Over
SoldMarket Shadows
SoldLife's A Stage, study
SoldAnticipating Birds
SoldHurry! Don't Miss It...
SoldSanctuary - Sunny Side up
SoldEvery Day's a Sun Day, The Ocean Course
SoldPartners, Kiawah Beach Club
SoldPractice Makes Perfect?, The Ocean Course
SoldUltimate Sand Trap, The Ocean Course
SoldMorning Waves
SoldPutting Around
SoldTee Time
SoldMade in the Shade
SoldSlice of Life
SoldSanctuary Selfie
SoldPluff And Stuff
SoldRussell Jewell, The Way Home
SoldRussell Jewell, Sweet Ambrosia
SoldRussell Jewell, Bohicket Bayou
SoldRussell Jewell, Bohicket Yacht-zee
SoldRussell Jewell, Chapel Charm
SoldRussell Jewell, Cinder Sun
SoldRussell Jewell, Front Row Kiawah
SoldRussell Jewell, Kiawah Bedtime
SoldRussell Jewell, Little Corner of Heaven
SoldRussell Jewell, Carriage Cascade
SoldRussell Jewell, One if by Land, Two if by Sea
SoldRussell Jewell, The Ocean Course
SoldPhilips Rising
SoldSlow Roller
SoldKiawah, Low Light
SoldPillars in Pink
SoldCastle Stripes
SoldKiawah Dogleg (#17 Cougar Point)
SoldKiawah Camo
SoldMoon Walk
SoldI Think I See a Dolphin
SoldSandcastle Sunbrellas
SoldFalling for Charleston
SoldRockville Rivals
SoldIn Luft with Charleston
SoldPath of Least Resistance