Looking Up

A Group Show


Looking up to the sky inspires us in many ways.  The sky represents dreaming, optimism, peace, and a connection to the universe.  It’s a promise of new undertakings.  When life seems unclear and disorderly the sky is there to provide us with awesomeness and magnificence and remind us that all things are possible.  Everyone needs a touch of inspiration to reignite their inner fire.  To lose yourself in beauty all you have to do is look up.

The paintings will hang in the gallery from March 26 through April 25, 2021.


Karen Larson Turner, Ascending Light
Karen Larson Turner, Gliding Over
Russell Gordon, Soaring
Russell Gordon, Trickster
Glenn Harrington, Creek Palms
Sally Tharp, Putting On A Happy Face
Michael Reibel, Early Moon Show on Kiawah
Michael Reibel, Hope
Russell Jewell, Giddy-Up
Russell Jewell, Sun Up Eagle Point Landing
Pamela Cohen, Bringing Home The Bounty
Pamela Cohen, Up Up And Away
Bruce Bauer, Soaring Without Limits
Looking Up: A Group Show
SoldKaren Larson Turner, Bright Horizon
SoldKaren Larson Turner, Catching Moonlight
SoldRick McClure, Towards Evening
SoldRick McClure, Big Sky
SoldRick McClure, Moon High
SoldMichael Reibel, My Happy Place
SoldRussell Jewell, Up and Over
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, October Clouds
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Roosting Together
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Sunset Shine
SoldPamela Cohen, Pink Flight
SoldTrip Park, Famous Heron
SoldTrip Park, Pretty Egret