The need to create has always been prevalent in Sally’s life.  After graduating from University of Rhode Island with a BFA in 1985, she worked in several creative capacities, though not necessarily in the traditional sense.  In 2008, Sally became a full-time artist.  Sally currently prefers to work in oils and explores taking small, everyday objects and painting them on a very large scale, focusing on color, form and most importantly light.


Sally’s large scale works evoke a sense of nostalgia while still presenting wonderfully though out brush strokes. The simplicity in the aesthetics can be appreciated on a deeper level when you start to ask why she has chosen these specific objects. Although there are schools of thought that ascertain that the subject matter is of no consequence, Sally chooses carefully what she paints.  She finds a deeper appreciation for those forgotten or discarded items.


"I am often drawn to the old, marred, scarred and imperfect things in life, feeling the need to show a side of them that is beautiful, giving them a voice.  The objects I choose to paint hold an aesthetic beauty to me and I paint them in that light. I invite the viewer to experience the qualities in them that I find appealing and to seek the beauty in the often overlooked, sometimes imperfect items of life."


In her short time in the public as an artist, Sally has participated in various juried shows and several solo shows.  Her work is also already in many corporate and private collections.

The Line Up
Daily Special
Champagne Marble
Putting on a Happy Face
Sending Kisses
Standing Guard
The Blues
Macaron Roll
Slipping Away
Internal Conflict
Big Kiss
Taking A Stand
Mostly Red
Mostly White
Mostly Blue
Rain Delay
Oh, When The Sun Does Shine
Just A Sip
Glass Half Full
Preventative Medicine
Successful Season
Sally Tharp, Pickle Pleasures
Sally Tharp, Reflecting
This Is Life
A Little Spice
Above High Tide
Smells Like Rain
Us Three
Follow Your Light
Ode to the South
SoldStewed, II
SoldBottled In
SoldGreen Eggs Sans Ham
SoldBig Twist
SoldRainy Days and Mondays
SoldLemon Bowl
SoldWater Glass
SoldLemon Water
SoldWith A Slice Of Lemon
SoldLemon Splash
SoldSally Tharp, Saving Summer
SoldSally Tharp, Cherry Jam
SoldShell Game
SoldBig Shell Game
SoldSoft Shell
SoldSally Tharp, Beach Buck
SoldSally Tharp, Two Halves Don't Make a Whole
SoldThe Seventh Wave
SoldEgg Basket
SoldFeeling Crabby
SoldAw Shucks
SoldJust One...
Sold...Maybe Two
SoldRed or White
SoldFaded Star
SoldBefore, II
SoldAfter, II
SoldDaylight Savings
SoldThe Great Escape
SoldWinter Blues
SoldA Long Way From Home
SoldDouble Horizons
SoldLemon Yellow
SoldThe Haves
SoldThe Have Nots
SoldLetting Go
SoldI See So Much Of Me In You
SoldMac Stack