A tradition is a custom passed down from generation to generation.  We have cultural traditions and family traditions, and each contributes to a sense of practice and belonging.  In the Southern US we have the traditions of Sunday suppers created from recipe cards handed down through the years.  We sit on the porch and watch the sunset on a warm and humid evening.  We comb the beaches looking for seashells and soak-in the sun while kayaking down the meandering marsh estuaries.  In celebration of this, Wells gallery brings you Southern Traditions, a group show.  Each artist has created works exploring their personal family customs and the rituals we all share. 


Many of our beloved traditions have been disrupted by recent events.  Although it is a tough time, we know it will eventually pass, and we will be back to enjoying our traditions once again.  Until then, we will honor those traditions in our thoughts and through art.  We invite you to enjoy the new works and find a piece that reflects a beloved tradition you hold dear.


EB Lewis, Beachfront View, Kiawah
EB Lewis, Footsteps
Junko Ono Rothwell, Blue Shovel
Junko Ono Rothwell, Spring Clouds Over Salt Marsh
Rick McClure, Cruising Kiawah
Rick McClure, Welcome to the Sanctuary
Bruce Bauer, The Peaceful Marsh
SoldKaren Larson Turner, Sunrise Stroll
SoldRussell Gordon, Beach Bungalow
SoldRyan Walker, Beach Read
SoldRyan Walker, Southern Shadows
SoldRyan Walker, Sunset Sketch
SoldEB Lewis, Morning Ride, Kiawah
SoldJunko Ono Rothwell, Birds on the Beach
SoldMichael Reibel, Cocktail Hour at the Ocean Course
SoldMichael Reibel, Front Row Seating... The 18th at Ocean Course
SoldMichael Reibel, Hello Again Kiawah
SoldRussell Jewell, Carriage Cascade
SoldRussell Jewell, One if by Land, Two if by Sea
SoldRussell Jewell, The Ocean Course
SoldRyan Walker, Looking Ahead
SoldSally Tharp, Beach Buck
SoldSally Tharp, Two Halves Don't Make a Whole
SoldWendy Whitson, Pelican's Path
SoldRick McClure, Kiawah Trail
SoldSpruill Hayes, Beach Stroll Find I
SoldSpruill Hayes, Beach Stroll Find II
SoldSpruill Hayes, Beach Stroll Find III
SoldSpruill Hayes, Easter Basket
SoldSpruill Hayes, Gone Shellin'
SoldSpruill Hayes, Star Gazing