After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Trip Park first worked as an Art Director with ad agencies in Chicago and New York, where he is originally from.  Commissioning some of his favorite illustrators for work with his agencies inspired Trip to explore his own creative side.  He began his artistic journey as an illustrator, working on a number of children's books and developing characters for animated features and commercials.  Over the years as his skills increased and his voice as an artist became more defined, he took the leap into fine art.

The acrylic paintings Park creates reflect his many inspirations, often featuring contemporary, brightly colored, paint-splattered landscapes and animals that manage to tread a line between true-to-life and whimsical.  “I think the point with every painting is to find the inherent drama in each thing I paint and then bring that out in an impactful way.”  Today you can find Trip in his North Carolina studio creating large mixed media works or visiting Kiawah Island searching for his next inspiration.

Pretty Gator
Everyday Shelves
Cruisin' Bruiser
Buck Tooth
Snaggle Tooth
The Fighter
Undertow God
Day After Cake
Donut Love
American Saver
Here Comes The Judge
SoldLeader Eater
SoldSmall Catch
SoldBlue Warrior
SoldGoofy Cones
SoldLoony Fishies
SoldFoolish Savers
SoldTrip Park, Shy Pelican
SoldTrip Park, WonderGull
SoldTrip Park, Ghost in You
SoldTrip Park, Man Down Under
SoldAlong the Water
SoldLikable Pelican
SoldRighteous Reads
SoldTrip Park, Inheritance
SoldSmiling Cones
SoldBar Flies
SoldSly Pelican
SoldPretty Egret
SoldSneaky Egret
SoldElegant Crab
SoldProper Crab
SoldGentile Crab
SoldPolite Crab
SoldFamous Heron
SoldCool Buzz
SoldYesterday's Bike
SoldLil' BeeAtch
SoldHarbor Leader
SoldIn Like A Boss
SoldRockin' Elephant
SoldBitter Crab
SoldFish Fear
SoldBuddy Cones
SoldFriendly Cones
SoldAtlantic Beast
SoldDeep Blue
SoldInsecure Shellfish
SoldOh, Billy Billy
SoldRockin' Barn
SoldBullied Buoys
SoldMountain Flies
SoldNight Chanel
SoldOld Blue
SoldProm King
SoldSeashell Sale