Karen Larson Turner: Moment of Peace
30 new paintings from Karen Larson Turner. In difficult times it is important to take a moment to calm your active mind and search for peace within. For Karen, the act of painting allows her to escape the stresses of life. Her work provides a respite from daily troubles, both personal and global. With this collection of paintings, Karen seeks to share that sense of serenity with the viewer. A near empty city street, a foggy marsh undet the night sky, Spanish moss gently swaying in the breeze, and empty chair inviting you to rest... Each painting depicts a moment of tranquility and silence. As we spend more time at home, having art that inspires peace of mind becomes necessary. Art is essential to our well being. A beautiful painting holds a gentle spirit which brings pleasure and hope. It represents the enduring glory of humanity and the coming of a brighter future. We invite you to take a moment to enjoy Karen Larson Turner's latest colelction. Available on her Artist page.
June 26 – July 26, 2020

Moment of Peace

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