Following the guidelines below helps us to give your artwork the attention you desire and guarantees a return of your valuable portfolio materials if you choose to send them to us.

Emailed submissions are preferred. Please send small image files to ensure your submission is in only one email. We do not accept walk-in submissions. Do not call or email to follow up on your submission.

If you have a website, please include the URL.

Submit to:

All portfolios/slides/ materials submitted that you wish returned MUST include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the proper postage.

Please include titles, pricing, sizes, mediums, exhibition history and public and private collections as applicable. Any personal information and philosophy as it relates to your work is always interesting and reviewed.

Please include gallery affiliations, past and current with contact information.

After we have had the opportunity to review your work, we will either return your materials or contact you to arrange an appointment.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, please understand that it is not possible for the gallery to critique work on an individual basis.

Please do not bring original work to the gallery to accompany your portfolio. After the review, we will set up a First Hand Review if we would like to see originals.

In the event that we wish to further consider your work, we will contact you directly. Approximate response time is six weeks. Please also note that we do not, under any circumstances, grant in - person appointments unless images have been reviewed and found to be of interest to the gallery.

If you feel that your work was inappropriately overlooked, please allow a period of not less than six months to elapse before re-submitting. Please submit recent works only.

Thank you for your interest in Wells Gallery.